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June 14, 2016 - Comments Off on CE-approval for Mofixx

CE-approval for Mofixx

The Mofixx trocar holder and disposables have been officially CE-approved by the Notified Body DEKRA.

June 4, 2016 - Comments Off on Introduction of Mofixx: an innovative solution for the medical sector

Introduction of Mofixx: an innovative solution for the medical sector

On April 30th Mofixx was officially introduced. Mofixx is a camera holder that can be used during laparoscopic surgery to produce stable camera images. The instruments no longer have to be held by an assistant, but they can easily be secured to the operating table. An innovative solution for the medical sector that is being developed in collaboration with Indes from Twente.


Better working conditions
Joris Jaspers, head of the department of Innovation of Medical Technology at UMC Utrecht hospital, is one of the inventors of Mofixx. According to him, many assistants and surgeons have to operate under poor circumstances. During laparoscopic surgeries, also called minimal invasive surgery, they have to maintain a bad posture for hours to hold the instruments. The Mofixx offers a solution for this. Because the camera can be secured to the operating table, more stable images can be made and the surgeon can reposition the camera with one simple press on the button. This way, assistants have more time to do other things, which is also very cost-effective.

Collaboration with Indes
UMC Utrecht decided to turn to Indes for further realisation of Mofixx. The two parties have worked together for a few years and Indes is known for creating products that support people in their everyday life. Many hospitals have an innovative department to solve problems in the medical sector and to create new product ideas. Doctors often have good ideas for better working conditions in hospitals. Indes is a company that picks up these ideas and makes sure that the idea is being turned into an innovative medical product that patients and professionals worldwide can rely on.

Other parties
Indes established a new company in Enschede for the final development and the marketing of Mofixx: Mofixx BV. Other parties in the realisation are DFZ Participaties and Van Straten Medical. DFZ Participiaties, the innovation company of De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar, is one of the investors of the new innovative product. The Dutch family business Van Straten Medical, a well-known partner in the market of minimal invasive surgery, will distribute Mofixx.

June 3, 2016 - Comments Off on A novel, intuitive instrument positioner for endoscopy, involving surgeons in design and feasibility

A novel, intuitive instrument positioner for endoscopy, involving surgeons in design and feasibility

Background: Existing laparoscopic instrument holders do not seem to sufficiently fulfil the needs of surgeons performing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in several respects. Therefore, we developed and tested a novel laparoscopic instrument positioner in close cooperation between surgeons and engineers.

Material and methods: Design requirements were established by attending laparoscopic interventions, interviews and involving surgeons during the design cycle by evaluation of early mock-ups and prototypes.

Results: Two concepts, based on a scissor- and a deflectable ball principle, were elaborated and evaluated yielding a simple, affordable system, fixating all degrees of freedom in the centre of motion. A sterile functional prototype was fabricated and successfully tested during three clinical interventions. Users reported a stable image, easy and intuitive handling and no interference with other surgical instrumentation. The posture was conceived to be more ergonomic and surgeons liked the ability to control the positioning of the endoscope directly themselves.

Conclusions: Three successful interventions show that involving surgeons in the design and testing phase of product development leads to a novel instrument positioner that can be used safely in a clinical setting. It can be concluded that the system is simple and intuitive to use, as there was no learning curve.

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