Improving ergonomics and cost efficiency for minimally invasive surgery.

Mofixx Company was established in May 2014 after concluding a worldwide licence agreement on the IP rights of the innovative Mofixx trocar holding system with the University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands. The company’s goals are to execute the product development and regulatory approval, to organize approved production locations and to introduce the innovative Mofixx products into the healthcare market. The Mofixx trocar holding system is a dedicated holder for laparoscope and instruments that improves quality and efficiency during minimal invasive procedures. The Mofixx holding system has passed several clinical tests during minimal invasive procedures.

The company is working together with qualified and experienced partners for development, manufacturing and distribution. Mofixx BV has offices in the same facility as its major development partner, Indes BV, guarantying good communication.

Mofixx team

The Mofixx team consists of experienced people with proven track records in the Health Care Industry. Mofixx works closely together on a long term basis with certified and experienced partners.

Mission Mofixx

“To offer solutions to healthcare professionals that will improve quality and efficiency during minimal invasive procedures”. The usage of the disposable Mofixx trocar and Mofixx trocar holding system during minimal invasive procedures will result in:

  • better ergonomics in OR for both surgeon and OR-assistant

  • more stable images, in particular with 3D.

  • possibility of solo surgery

  • more working space in the surgery handling area

  • cost reduction per procedure



Improve your OR’s ergonomics talk to Evert Jan about the possibilities

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